The Library

Wollaston Public Library is located in the Hamlet of Coe Hill, beside the public school and The Hideaway restaurant.  Don’t blink or you will miss it!  The library is small, but it is well supported by the Township, the library Friends group, and members of the community.  Over 4,000 visitors a year troop through the doors, with the busiest months in July and August.  Inside you will find collections that reflect the diverse tastes and needs of our patrons.  And we work with other libraries and professionals to maintain the widest access possible.

The library shelves are filled with adult, youth, and children’s fiction and non-fiction books.  There are also collections of local history, large print, and audio books, and over 1,000 DVD titles to choose from.   With all of these choices, if your interest is not available on-site, the Librarian will borrow it for you from another library!  Or, you can use your library card to download an e-book or an audiobook from the Overdrive collection of over 80,000 titles.

The library catalogue is on-line, and patrons can sign in to review their loans, their charge history, and to reserve items.  Patrons can also create reading lists.  In addition, the librarian is responsive to emails and phone calls.

The library has free WiFi, and on a beautiful summer day, people like to sit outside at a picnic table with their tablet or phone.  Inside, we have 4 computers available for public use.  Last summer, thanks to a donation from the Friends group, the librarian was able to update computers with Windows Pro 10 and Microsoft Office Suite, install software to enhance computer security and prevent malware attacks, and improve the internet speed and reach, all in order to provide the best possible computer browsing experience for library patrons.

Other technology services, such as printing from the library’s computers, scanning and faxing, are also available.  Don’t be shy!  The librarian and library volunteers will help you to demystify the myriad menu prompts on your device, to get you your documents!

Every year, every season, the library collaborates with volunteers to host events and programs that reflect the interests of the community.  Last summer, library Friends, staff, and volunteers created a variety of programs to entertain and challenge the kids.   PA days and school breaks provided even more opportunities to engage with kids in the community and their parent volunteers.  We are looking forward to the next opportunity to host these popular programs!

Also in the library’s future is a new building.  The library and the community are thrilled that the Township is proposing to build a community hub that will include space for library services.

All of our library news and events get made into posters, which you will see pinned up around the community, and of course uploaded to the library Facebook and website pages.  Until the next time that we can meet with you, Cheers from the library staff and volunteers.  Stay well, stay connected.

Kelly Veenstra

Wollaston Public Library

Wollaston Public Library