Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


In consideration of the Wollaston Public Library (“Library”) issuing the attached Wollaston Public Library Meeting Room Rental Contract (“the contract”), the contract holder (and the sponsoring organization, if applicable) is voluntarily assuming the risks associated with holding the described event and is confirming they have read, fully understand and will adhere to the following general terms and conditions:

The Contract and the Contract holder

The contract holder must be the full age of 18 years.
The contract holder must have a copy of the contract readily available at all times.
The person who signs the contract must be duly authorized to do so on behalf of the contract holder (and of the sponsoring organization, if applicable).
The contract must be accepted online before confirmation of room is given or access to the facility will be denied.
The contract holder and the sponsoring agency cannot transfer or assign the contract without prior authorization from the Library.
It is the responsibility of the contract holder to make all members of its group using the Library facility aware of the terms and conditions of the Rental Contract, and to provide the members with a copy of these terms and conditions, if requested.

Wollaston Public Library

Wollaston Public Library